About Quoeto

Quoeto is a 4-dimensional language. It consists of three languages itself: CliYuGa, CliYuGe and CliYuGo. It is based on neuromorphic grammar and embedded algorithmic operations. It is unique due to the irregular recursion and has a logic that entails symmetry breaks.

Quoeto is the multiplex of CliYuGa, CliYuGe and CliYuGo. The definition of the term multiplex is however not standardized, here we mean by multiplex that it is their complex permutation. Quoeto is still under development and this is her main page – the official and lower level explanations will be available on other domains, most likely not before 2021.

Current development

It is necessary to understand the concept of all three CliYuGa’s first before Quoeto can be of any use or really understood. Do not attempt to restructure any of your cognitive processes or thinking if you have a language disorder. Though its base languages (CliYuGa’s) were developed to help with any language disorder there is currently no medical data and we must strongly advise against experimenting with new types of languages on your own and without medical advise and speech therapeutic supervision.

The official CliYuGa page is currently not online as well as the background page for neuromorphic languages ( in general. The content is quiete extensive and production of text is slow. To enable us production of more content you can support Quoeto by funding their main developer or help at our github page.

Quoeto is the top-language of the xd4 system. As such it is the first true anthropocomputational language.

This domain is suited for individuals that have been personally instructed by me or have a profession in linguistics, theoretical computer science, cognitive science, neurodynamics, conceptronics, neuromorphic design and/or multivalent or modal logic. Experts of software/digital architectures may be able to use Quoeto with sufficient training of δ-languages. Any software that uses Quoeto is xd4-patent-locked and hence illegal to distribute or commercialize until 2028.

This page will most likely not make any sense for you otherwise. Please be aware that is difficult if not impossible and possibly dangerous to learn a ϕ-class language before you learned to rout a 3D language consistently. To achieve this any true meta-language and her concepts must be well understood first.

Aside knowledge about CliYuGa and psychological health precautions, pattern-type learner should gain some rudimentary background knowledge about:
complexity theory, computation theory, theoretical linguistics, cognitive dissonance, chomsky hierarchy, working memory, semantic networks, Turing computability, meta-logic, meta-modeling and complex system design
(if you still find content difficult to understand please provide areas I didn’t mention here which were necessary for you to learn)