Learning higher order logics, polyparametric abstraction and their language systems (such as Quoeto) can trigger psychological symptoms. If you suffer from psychologic preconditions please read our medical guideline first.

If you are new to Quoeto the medical guideline can also provide insight to the language system. We cannot provide medical assistance, our funding is not sufficient for medical case studies and we cannot take responsibilty for triggering or worsening a psychologic condition.

We have no responsibility for the cognitive processes in your brain or your actions. Quoeto is a 4-dimensional language we intend to advance its theory to build a programming language on top of it. The main developer of Quoeto researched the grammar structure for 6 years to minimize risks and gain experience in its utilization. Even for them Quoeto often poses a challenge to turn off (or on) and this content must therefore be handled with care. It is not recommended to study or experiment with Quoeto if you are under 25 years old (due to neuromorphic plasticity which is too high at younger ages as this is an experimental language architecture). You should learn and understand a 3-d language first – such as CliYuGa.